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This pretty much makes Turbo look incredible - 20%

Xeogred, May 25th, 2007

This album is ridiculous. My starting point with Sinner was with their 1984 release, "Danger Zone". That album had some incredible tunes written all over and it was pure heavy metal, at times I thought I was listening to early Running Wild without the pirate themes. It wasn't a devastatingly destructive album that screamed bloody metal in your face or anything, but it was easily something you could listen to along with Accept, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and so forth and have a blast with. "Danger Zone" was one of those evil albums that probably would have scared your parents back in the day, something you wouldn't want them to hear.

Now this album however, is something your parents would have wanted you to listen to, and on top of that they'd probably grab your hands and start dancing around while they listened to it with you! This album is the epitome of commercialization! Now if this was Sinner's style, I could probably appreciate it more. But its just so aggravating a band could release something such as "Danger Zone" and then ... this!? Its a good thing I didn't hear this album first, or else I probably would have labeled the entire band as a big fat joke. Atrocious.

When the album starts off you instantly know what brings it down a lot, the keyboards and the synths. Now in some cases I can say I don't mind synths and whatnot a bit, good examples might be through Iron Maiden's "Somewhere in Time" or Jag Panzer's "Chain of Command". Synth work on those albums seemingly tried to make the music achieve some kind of epic feel, or in Iron Maiden's case maybe just helped with the melodic rhythm's and gave off some kind of videogame theme-like vibes. Certainly I could manage without those synths and keyboards on those albums, but they weren't exactly terrible and didn't really bring down the overall quality a bit. That is sadly not the case here, because a large majority of the synth's on this album are absolutely way too upbeat and cheerful. Some of these songs seriously sound like they want to be heard at a dance club. The album was bad enough already, but the keyboards just come in and definitely make sure a lot of these songs purely suck and are ultimately ruined beyond imaginable.

This is pure glam metal through and through. And a large sum of these songs aren't even that heavy at all. Ballads are absolutely everywhere. I don't know what the hell you'd classify Concrete Jungle as, since its purely synth driven (this is the song you'd hear at a rave). Its just painful. After that and I kid you not, Knife in my Heart, Dangerous Charm, Everybody Needs Somebody to Love (for gods sake look at that title), Nobody Rocks Like You, Tommorow Doesn't Matter Tonight could ALL probably pass as ballads. They are super soft radio friendly songs with completely ridiculous lyrics and utterly boring choruses. Holy shit watch out Fight the Fight has some riffs and double bass drums! Too bad I can't seem to care about it after six unforgettably terrible songs. Back in my Arms takes you back to the wonderful world of glam and throws out some more secondary female vocals, that were also heard throughout a few of the previous songs. She sounds like Tina Turner or something. Sure, it works with the music here ... definitely makes it suck even more. The next two songs are just pure ass, but nothing can rank up to the final song Last Dance. That song will do nothing but really piss you off, but I doupt anyone will even make it that far into the album.

Basically, this album tries to be Autograph, but it just fails from the start and pretty much continuingly goes down hill and drags things out to the point that it'll just piss you off. There's solo's, but they're too short and the album is just so bad if ten Paul Gilbert's were shredding on here I'd still need a puke bag.

Honestly, there were a few parts on this album were I asked myself "Maybe this stuff could have been on The Transformers Animated Movie soundtrack?" But, too bad it doesn't have THE TOUCH or THE POWERAAA. Dangerous Shit, Diahhrea Charm, whatever. This is one of the worst albums I have ever heard. What a joke.