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Comin' Out Fighting - 66%

Vlladimir, December 8th, 2007

Hard Rock album, with some gently heavy metal vibes, and nothing more, I can say. Through the whole material commercial note in sound is present a lot, you can hear that she popping from every musical part of the record. No matter is she in keyboards arrangements, vocal melodies or radio friendly guitar riffs. Drums and bass are mainly hollow and they acting in background, like they're in shadows.
Matt vocals are good, a little bit in Bon Jovi singing style with those doubled choruses in refrains and bridge parts. Okay, this album may be muggy in many parts and in the way that songs have been profound, but he isn't that bad also. There are couple of interesting songs like ''Faster Than Light'', ''Playing With Fire'' - which is the most ''aggressive'' tune on the album, with catchy ala Helloween riffs, and tune ''Lost In A Minute''-with very fine vocal lines and catchy keyboards strings and mini orchestrations. Billy Idol's cover of ''Rebel Yell'' is bad, and sounds very bad and totally lame for one hard rock/metal approach and point of view. And now, we coming to the most repulsive moment of the album. It's about the song ''Germany Rocks'' that presents the crappy rip off of Accept's ''Balls To The Wall'' classic, with totally retarded and stupid lyrics followed with some Brian Johnson (AC/DC) wanna be screams and backing choruses...sad, really. And so, this is all about this Sinner album, it's good and bad, surely they got and still have lack of originality, but anyway, looking on both sides of the coin, you can find some good and acceptable moments for listening on it.