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Per-petual! PERPETUAL DAMNATION!!! - 70%

the16th6toothson, October 29th, 2007

Of all of my tapes I had throughout the 90’s only one of them still plays. So hell, why not review this demo of one of my all time favorite bands!!!

Since many people know of Sinister’s greatness already I’ll keep this review pretty basic.
All 4 of these brutal cuts made it to the debut full length “Cross the Styx” and between this recording and that recording things cut a little tighter but MUCH faster. Aad’s blasts at this point were a little closer to the Cannibal Corpse pace and not quite as rabid. The slower speed does allow some of the riffs to show a bit stronger, evident mostly in “Spiritual Immolation”. The solos on “Compulsory Resignation” are also slowed down and seem less bombastic, but more thorough. The guitar tone while almost drowned by the bass’s mud still sounds nice and gritty, mostly in that first bit on “Perpetual Damnation” the use of reverb makes the evil spew right out of the speakers and all over the floor. At the slower pace Sinister sounds a bit more cryptic and creepy-a style they never again seemed to employ until some of those wicked epic tracks on “AfterBurner”. Also of note is the bass playing by Corzas is almost shameful when compared to what Ron was doing on “Cross the Styx” evidence is strongest in “Putrefying Remains”…remember that insane bass solo? Corzas just fumbles some random thuds and “bworngs” on the strings, sounds silly and amateurish- but I can forgive him he was probably only 14 or 15!
Mike’s vocals are less hoarse and by virtue of that are certainly more moist and decayed, sounds like a moldy corpse vomiting out it’s black blood while grunting about “caustic septic vitality”.

Overall this gruesome little chunk of nastiness has quite the atmosphere. Taking the Possessed/Deicide angle of DeathMetal and making it into their own vile little basement dwelling abomination! As far as I know this has never been re-released in digital format like their other demo was, so good luck tracking down this little monster! A very cool demo, that while shows age-and a few flaws is still a cool listen to this day!