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SINISTER: a band's name that'd be synonymous with - 50%

gabalgabow, April 15th, 2003

SINISTER: a band's name that'd be synonymous with deception? I can say so! I personally enjoyed their two first Lps "Cross the styx" and "Diabolical summoning" that were in a well-done technical and blasting Death/ Thrash at the time! They had some specific elements such as the blasts or their technical riffs' melodies that made up their personality!
But well, since their "Hate" CD I'm ways less impressed by their music!
I didn't especially appreciate this "Aggressive measures" CD when it was released and I didn't pay any particular attention to it... But I listened to it recently, in a careful way, to pay attention to every riff.
And well, there are some well-done and well-felt parts on the first two tracks "Aggressive measures" and "Beyond the superstition". It remains under the quality of their two first CDs, but it's two Ok tracks with some good moments! There's also a track that doesn't sound bad around the end of the CD, as well as an heavier/ slower one.
But the problem with the last SINISTER releases is in my opinion they favour too much the technicality and complexity while they loose some real efficiency they once had! Could we say they haven't got as much inspiration and energy? Have everything been said for them? Well, in my opinion it remains a very possible thing, but there are still some good riffs here. The lack of inspiration is maybe due to several reasons (including too many side projects: Houwitser...)
I haven't heard their new stuffs, but the presence of their female vocalist didn't especially turn me on to brutalize my local CD seller!
So, this isn't a bad album, a few riffs are good. If you don't know SINISTER check out "Diabolical summoning". And in any case the first two tracks of the CD would be enough. Downloads are still hellcome this time...