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Excellent, dark power metal. - 86%

Nightcrawler, August 19th, 2003

Sinergy's third studio outing Suicide By My Side is one of my latest CD purchases, and it completely blew me away from the first listen.
This is the most aggressive power metal album ever, being powered by heavy, punishing basslines, loads of double bass drumming and of course the awesome twin guitar attack of Roope Latvala and Alexi 'Wildchild' Laiho, both also from Children of Bodom. The two players have very similar virtuose, melodic and intense styles and complement eachother perfectly. The band is fronted by the awesome, powerful vocals of Kimberly Goss, who as already mentioned unlike other female singers doesn't try to sing as high as possible, but has a much more aggressive yet melodic, and pretty midranged style. At some points she sounds like a female Bruce Dickinson- only way better.

The music on CD is nothing short of amazing. The mood is unusually for power metal very dark, depressing and hateful, most notably on songs like the punishing opener I Spit On Your Grave and the multi-talented closing track Suicide By My Side- it will make you suicidal and have you violently headbanging at the same time. That's quite an achievement.
The dark mood over all songs tie them together very well, but they all manage to have a very separate and personal sound, so that each song is something new yet fits well within the context of the album.
Violated is aggressive and powerful. Passage to the Fourth World is very melodic for the most part but has a heavy-as-fuck riff section towards the end of the solo. Shadow Island is very atmospheric and quite epic, and features vocal appearances from bassist Marco Hietala and the shrieking voice of Alexi Laiho. And of course we have the beautiful and mournful ballad Written in Stone, which totally kicks you in the face with that powerful chorus and features some amazing Maiden-ish melodies, beautiful acoustic guitars and the most emotional and one of the best vocal performances of the album.
But all in all, every single song of the entire album owns to an infinite extent. Nothing sticks out as bad, or even slightly weaker than the rest.
On the other hand, a few songs do stand out as being unusually amazing. First we have the amazing ballad Written in Stone. Passage to the Fourth World stands out as well, with awesome memorable vocal lines and amazing riffwork. And finally the menacing title track, which is my favourite track of the entire album.

Suicide By My Side is an essential of modern metal. The amazing twin guitars, the powerful and original vocals, and of course the actual songwriting, which is some of the best stuff this side of Painkiller.