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A solid headbanger - 87%

ALF, May 20th, 2003

The third and latest outing from Sinergy is also its best. The two masterminds and driving force of the group are the husband and wife team of Kim Goss and Alexi Laiho. Kim Goss is the lead singer and main lyricist and a contoversial figure in the metal scene. Alexi Laiho has been the only guitarist that has been with the band throughout its existence and is one of the main songwriter in the band. Sinergy for him is a side project since he devouts most of his energy to his main band Children of Bodom. New on board for this CD is guitarist Rope Latvala who is one of the main factor that Sinergy have stepped up to the next level. He is is integral to the success of this album since he did a fair bit of the song writing and the addition of his guitar skills complements Laiho.

The album starts off with its strongest track called "I Spit On Your Grave". Sinergy quickly establish their intricate, blistering dual guitar attack of Laiho and Latvala. The ability of these two bring up comparison to famed guitar duos of the past such Judas Priest's Tipton and Downing, and Iron Maiden's Murray and Smith. They are not there yet but they are certainly not far off. The variety of styles the two-guitarist employ through out the album is amazing from the fast fat riffs that serves as an intro to "Me, Myself, My Enemy". To very technical passages such as in "The Sin Trade" and to very melodic riffs that are the basis of "Passage To Fourth World". The guitar work throughout the CD is amazing and if you are a guitar nut this is reason enough to pick up this album.

The vocals of Kim Goss are also quite different from the majority of her female metal contemporaries. Her vocals are far grittier and aggressive without being any less melodic. Kim's vocals are refreshing contrast from what is fast becoming the norm for female fronted lead singers in metal. Her peers seem to compete on who will shatter glass first while KIm pretty much stays in the lower register. Her vocals perfectly complement the type of metal Sinergy plays.

The best songs on this are the intense "I Spit On Your Grave", the speedy and aggressive "Violated". The cool vocal lines make "Passage To Fourth World" makes it a stand out and the sonic assault of "Shadow Island" where Kim and Alexi Laiho sort of duet will leave you breathless.

"Suicide By My Side" is a great straight up, unpretentious metal album that will captivate fans of terrific guitar playing. Also the best place to start if you want to check out Sinergy.