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A Listenable Band - 95%

kingdommetal, May 10th, 2010

Sinergy is a supergroup of musicians from other well known metal bands who came together for some old school Iron Maiden sounding metal. Everyone knows here that Alexi Laiho from melodic death metal act Children of Bodom is the guitar player for Sinergy. And to be honest, that's partly the reason why many people have checked out this band. Then we have Kim Goss' vocals, which are not at the level of Tarja Turunen or Anette Olzon, but certainly have a classic heavy metal sound.

So when it comes to the music, well, it is basically great sounding metal without all the growling of Children of Bodom but still with enough heaviness. One thing this band has that other bands do not is the amazingly well-composed guitar playing shown in songs such as "The Warrior Princess," and "The Fourth World". An interesting thing is how "Born Unto Fire And Passion" is a classical instrumental version of "The Warrior Princess," showing classical influence in their playing. Another interesting fact to know about the title song "Beware The Heavens" is how it was taken directly from "Translucent image" by IneartheD (former Children of Bodom).

Sinergy's style is nothing we haven't heard before but it's definitely good for some rocking out. So if you're a fan of Laiho style guitar playing or just some old school metal and don't expect anything as heavy as COB, then you'll enjoy listening to this album.