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They won't rest until you bleed - 88%

Andromeda_Unchained, May 19th, 2014

I’ve took my sweet time in getting around to giving this the write-up. It’s been on my playlist from the minute it dropped, and a week doesn’t go by where this isn’t blasting from my speakers at least once. The main reason I’ve dragged my feet, is the album is ridiculously instant in its affect, and I didn’t want to over-score. Nonetheless, its impact remains mighty, and so far, stands as my favorite from the year. I enjoyed Sinbreed’s debut affair When Worlds Collide, but Bleed is a different story; towering above the last one with ten fist-banging, rip-roaring cuts, of furious power metal.

The Germans waste little time in conjuring the riff storm, raging throughout the album’s fifty minutes with classic speed/power metal values channeled through (insanely) modern values. Bleed is almost exclusively up-tempo, which could come across a little one-dimensional for some, although I can assure there’s a pleasant dynamic throughout. It isn’t early Stormwarrior or Dragonforce levels of in your face; but Sinbreed do certainly go for the throat, with relatively unrelenting force. The command, and balance between explosive, Teutonic power and sublime melodic sections is deft, and at times recalls the formative approach of the German guard as opposed to the more saccharine late nineties approach.

Having half of Blind Guardian on the payroll is naught to sniff at either, and it’s seriously great to hear Marcus Siepen thrashing riffs like he did in Blind Guardian’s early days. Along with resident ax-slinger Flo Laurin they form a duo similar to that of Marcus and André Olbrich, flinging riffs and melodic leads like it’s nobody’s business, class! Seriously, RIFFS! It’s easy to lose yourself in a head-banging frenzy here.

Of course dishing out the ass-kicking music isn’t always enough, and Sinbreed houses a wonderful vocalist in Herbie Langhans, who is at his finest here. His style is certainly of the raspier variety, and imagining a mix of Andi Deris and Tim Aymar wouldn’t be too far off the mark. Plenty of powers in his pipes, ensuring the choruses soar; and just about each one buries itself like a tick. Particularly killers can be found in “London Moon”, “Reborn”, and the mega title track.

Sometimes the best albums don’t have to be insanely original, or genre-defining - and I can assure you won’t find much of that here – but there’s something to be said for the straight up, face melting metal album. Bleed is one of those, and is undeniably complete with pretty much everything which makes the genre so good. In a year where the German power metal acts seem to have made a pact to own the competition, it seems Sinbreed are the most determined in their oath. Pure, unadulterated bliss and I whole-heartedly recommend it. Another one to ram down the throats of all who call power metal wimpy!