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Fucking Fantastic - 100%

Skullfucked, December 7th, 2007

This New Zealand quartet aren’t a bunch of thrash pussies, as opening track 'Beyond Human' will show you. Its instantaneous shredding will rip your fucking head off, complimented by crushing blast beats and destroying kick drums.

In fact, calling this album anything less than brutal is a grievous mistake, as my countrymen set out to prove that you don’t need guttural vocals and way downtuned guitars to make crushing as fuck metal. The production on this album is pure art, with every single instrument mixed to stand on it’s own, even the bass is as clear as a bell, giving the album that extra crisp quality.

Matt Sheppard’s screams sound like the tortured shrieks of the damned, while his growls sound like Satan himself, and the rip and tear their way through this brutal rape of an album. “Step Out Of The Light” is pure bonecrunching skullfuckery, while “One Day Closer”, which seems to be all my friends favorite, is covered with the most evil sounding riffs and backed up with a absolutely kickass drum line. The vocals sound like they are being torn from Matt with such force that his spleen should be about to pop.

Fortunately, no song is any less brilliant, and any one can easily can stand on it’s own and leave a lasting impression on your brain. A must have for both brutal death fans, and ordinary deathheads