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Overly Nile Influenced - 70%

VilliThorne, January 6th, 2013

Sin of God are a technical death metal group that have been around since 2004, and have formerly released a couple of demos earlier in their career and an independent EP, Satan Embryo, in 2010. The band underwent a line-up change in 2011, replacing both guitarists, vocalist, bassist and leaving drummer Botyánszki Balázs as the sole remaining founding member. Now, picked up by PRC Music, Sin of God have released their long awaited debut full-length album, Limbus. What do these newcomers have to offer?

Like a brick being hurled at ones face, the first thing that most listeners will notice about Limbus is the abundant Egyptian atmosphere that shrouds the content from beginning to end. This tone is emphasized throughout the album, namely in tracks "Intro / Limbus" and "Your Sacrifice's Day", by the incorporation of clean, vibrantly twangy guitars, tolling bells, synthesized elements and tribal style drumming. Combine these ingredients with gritty production, fuzzy vocals, heavy riffage, technical bits and Egyptian lyrical themes and you have yourself a record heftily laden with an unmistakable Nile influence.

What Sin of God have thoroughly accomplished within this debut release is showing that they, as a whole, possess not only instrument talent but also the song writing prowess it takes to progress as a band. Each track on Limbus is carefully structured to always maintain the attention of the audience, this is artfully done by having the vocals and guitars playing off of each other, along with the drums and guitars working together. For example, a few tracks have the vocals following an ascending/descending patterned guitar riff and the vocals themselves change octaves to correspond with the guitar work. The drums tend to speed up in tempo and add in double bass beats during tremolo picked solos, or oppositely gaining speed while the guitars slow down to a chugging riff.

However, while all of these components fit together nicely, it's a real shame to have to say that there is a severe lack of originality present. Some of the song structures are quite fun, "Bloodlust", "The Violator", "Demonshrine", "Endless Desert", "Yarn of Lesions" and "Seeds ov Death and Pain" will all have the listener banging their head along to the beats, but everything here has been done and heard before; mostly from Nile. The production quality present gives a gritty flavor to the uniquely toned guitars, but it also muddles the already overly distorted vocals. The mixing values also change throughout the album, such as in "Endless Desert" where the drums completely consume the rest of the instruments. Occasionally the bass line does rise to an audible level, but whenever it does the tuning is so low that the listener can hear how loose the string being played is, such as in "Bloodlust".

There are definitely some issues that need refining for Sin of God come their next album, but comprehensively Limbus is a decent effort for a debut album. It's fun to listen to, entices head banging, and is brutally heavy both instrumentally and vocally. Though this release does suffer considerably from a lack of original sound and ideas, Sin of God do incorporate some slight satanic elements lyrically and the content feels rather dark and evil, as it was intended to. Recommended for fans of Nile and Aeternam, or technical death metal enthusiasts looking for some fresh meat.

Digital Download by: PRC Music

- Villi Thorne