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Faith No More goes thrash! - 85%

JakeDevil, August 25th, 2004

It's nice to have albums that take you by surprise and this one certainly did. This album is a great mix of thrash metal and Faith No More's 'The Real Thing' album. Even the singer sounds like Mike Patton in some places, which definitely ain't a bad thing. Album does great on balancing between funk metal and thrash. If I'd have to pick two greatest tracks from the album, they would certainly be 'Of Winter' and 'Simple Aggression'. 'Of Winter' is another metal ballad for you heavy ballad lovers and it starts beautifully and adds some distortion before the end. 'Simple Aggression' is all out thrash song with great headbanging riffs and thundering double bass drumming. Other songs on the album are not weak either but those two are the ones that stick into mind after first listening time. If you're into FNM's 'The Real Thing' and think that they should have kept more metal edge to their music and in this case thrash edge, you'll dig this album.