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Entertaining Death/Hardcore - 70%

Muloc7253, March 8th, 2008

Simbiose play what sounds like a mix of mid-90s death metal and hardcore/crust punk, with a bit of 90s tough guy hardcore in the riffing aswell. Overal the sound is pretty damn tight, very solid, although mostly falling much more on the hardcore side of things than the death metal, the occasional more guttural vocals the only thing really giving any kind of death metal feel at all.

Nothing wrong with that though, and for what it is this is very well constructed. It's a very riff-centered album, the riffs themselves being hard and epic, almost like fight music. The vocalist mainly just yells the lyrics over the powerful riffing, vocal melodies taking a back seat to guitarwork. The drums just play standard rock beats to back up the guitar.

Of course, with music like this the riff writing has to be good or else the whole thing just falls on it's ass, so it's just as well that each song has a good number of riffs to keep the whole thing going. The songs do tend to sound a bit sameish, especially towards the end, and while I know this music is meant to sound this way, a little variation wouldn't hurt anyone. A few tempo changes, perhaps. At least it has a few nice solos here and there.

You'd have to appreciate hardcore to really like this, but if you do then this is certainly a competent album worth owning.