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As death creeps up on me, I reach for the sky - 96%

Insignium, April 3rd, 2004

Doom isn't always doom even if the music has the components to make it doom. The odd thing about this release from Silentium is that even though it is in many ways a doom release, there are so many gothic influences that on overall it sounds more like a gothic band than a doom band. This shouldn't scare away those who like gothic doom. It is still a doom band, but you will get more gothic than most gothic doom bands offer. This is much due to the symphonic touches that aura the album with midnight blue colours. It is for a reason that most of the fans of Silention come from outside the doom community. But the most intense worshipers are those who love "beauty and the beast" doom/gothic with an intense romantic feeling. Few doom bands win any non-doom prizes, but Silentium already has several. Thus I conclude that even though Silentium might seem to be an aquired taste, it's beauty and multitude creates the opposite. Silentium is a band that could gain quite some fame if they want to.

The music relies on the weeping melodic guitars and bass to make the distorted heavy sound that is so to the core doom. On the other hand the melodic guitar works just as much together with the mid paced drums and the serene violin to create a very gothic feeling. All of it creates a rich melody which even though sad and melancolic, still reaches upwards towards the sky in angelic movements of beauty. Yet in all of it there is a slightly down to earth motion which puts the final touch to the feeling of standing on the ground while stretching the arms towards the heavens. One of the best ways to picture it is a Romeo and Juliet setting where tragedy and oppositions gover, only dominated by the intense and massive love that runs through them. This is the kind of music that is ment to be silently enjoyed with chills along the spine as the music reaches ever higher.

This is truly a beauty and the beast band even though it is the vocals of the male that dominates. He varies from dark, romantic and clear vocals to depressed growls. Sometimes there is even a second male vocalist aiding. On the other hand is the angelic female vocals which truly is the most serene of all the touches on the EP. All of the vocals rise the majesty of the music more and more even though they never sound strained. The lyrics speak of the classic cases of unhappy romances which end up in tragedy. Poems of the same kind as the romantic era. Yet all is sacrificed for the loved one to live happily. And as so often happends with love this tragic, the leaving of this world, suicide, is a major theme. If ones own life becomes a problem this big for the one true love of ones life, no sacrifices are too big. In honor of those we love, we also choose to give our life.

Interpreatation of the tracks:
-Apart: is the only one of the tracks which can be considered to be more gothic than doom. The bass plays little role in the music. Instead the music trots along in a mid tempoed pace. A piano and violin solo is the only calm part in the song as instead of focusing on letting the doom elements shine through, the track focuses on a high flyin aura. A few riffs of true doom does shine through in the middle though. The song is a plea. A plea for the loved one to stay. For the one which has made the world good, not to turn away. The world would be such an empty place without that person. As grief spreads as a panic inside the words the loved one has said, sinks in and runs out through the eyes.

-Grieving Beauty (Remake): begins calmly with a guitar solo, soon to be supported by a piano and the serene female voice. Then the thypical rich sound of violin with weeping guitars and doomy bass sets in to create the sound that dominates most of the rest of the EP. Calmer sections give the track a sorrowful feeling while never completely letting go of the majestic. The lyrics is of a lady which is in a lot of emotional pain, and of the one who stands the closest to her. He experiences first hand the torment which runs through her as she cries. He might be trying to comfort her while loving her so dearly that the pain is drawn into himself too. But she is a grieving beauty and that leads me to believe that it is him which she grieve for, and he feels her pain on the other side.

-I Bleed For...: is harder than the other tracks. Heavy riffs dominate whole sections of the track accompanied by dark growls. One part towards the end is a high paced part with two growled vocals speaking two different things at the same time. Other parts are the thypical blend of doom/gothic that the remake of Grieving Beauty demonstrated. And then in the middle is one of those calm yet sad parts with violinlike synths playing in the background to heighten the effect of the violin itself. The track is a tale of sorrowful love where one hurts the other. Some of the lyrics are in latin and speak a more clear message of death. A sacrifice of oneself to the darkness for the other to live on.

-Lament (Remake): A second beginning with a guitar and piano solo which turns over into the more epic. The track has a lot of calm moments in it, but also symphonic trips into the soaring heights. It is in general a little slower than mid tempo. As the track progresses the heights climb upwards into a stratospheric height of serenity. The whole track is one long wish. A wish to leave this world. Even though the wish is suicidal there is more longing than depression. The longing is the wish for a better place manifested in an emotion. Higher and higher it goes and the spirit is released bit by bit. The worldly life is left behind. The loved one has been set free of the pain one has caused. Eternity awaits in it's beautiful motions. And the spirit is free to fly completely painless.