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Origonal and good - 90%

Symphony_Of_Terror, April 15th, 2003

This album is a very well crafted mix of death and doom metal, normally I dislike bands that combine the two, but Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy combines the two very nicely. Alot of the black metal is found in the instrumental parts of this band, while the death metal element is found mostly in the vocals. The vocals on this album are not all male death metal vocals though, at times they go into a deeper growling type vocals like those of haggard, and on ocaision ( I think its the cello player) will sing some beuatiful clean female vocals. I like the female vocals in this album because they are not found in many other female bands ( Arch Eneny is death metal vocals, some black metal growls in Opera IX, and Nightwish's vocals are the most similiar I would say, but Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy's female vocals are not operatic, they are a bit duller and gothic than Nightwish, they are kinda similiar to Lacuna Coil). The female vocals on this album are not on this album alot, its mostly dominated by male death metal vocals and growls.

The drums are a large prescence on this album, which is good, it gives alot of depth and power to the album along with the bass. The guitars are done well also, very grungy sound with some excellent riffs thrown in at the right time. Through out most of the songs there is an undertone of a cello, and on ocaision this band uses the cello in place of the guitar for riffs and uses it t open songs as well. It gives the album that extra something that distinguishes it from the rest of the doom/death metal bands.

Another good thing about this album (and most of the albums by this band) is that they have short instrumental tracks the focus on atmostphere and the use the cello in the band. It kinda gives the album a classical feel to it, its a nice variety between traditional metal songs, and atmospheric doom songs.

Best tracks: Lovin on the Earth, We Shall Go, My Friend Who Doesn't Exist, Winter Queen.

There are no bad tracks on this ablum, so its great to listen to all the way through. I recomened it for all fans of death and doom metal who enjoy the sounds of added female vocals and cello or violins to music. A good buy if you can find it.