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One of the heaviest albums I've ever heard - 87%

TexanCycoThrasher, July 12th, 2009

Silent Scream, one of those bands that popped up during the thrash hype, made a couple demos released one album and then as fast as they appeared they vanished. The real interesting thing about these guys is that they had Gene Hoglan mastering this album, and writing the lyrics for a song as well (Theater Of The Depraved).

The impressive thing about From The Darkest Depths Of Imagination is how thick the production is. The heaviness of this album would make Tortured Existence whimper. So if you haven’t heard this, be prepared. But it’s not just the guitar that’s heavy as hell, everything is, from the sludgy bass lines to the pounding percussion. But the vocals are ripping as well, this guy has an extremely deep proto-death metal style of vocalization, but at times it gets pretty monotonous and annoying. And that's something that takes away from the good experience of the album is it gets repetitive too quickly, and gets a tad boring about five tracks in.

The riffs as previously stated are heavy, but not much speed at all, it’s mostly mid-paced thrash almost all the way through, there is a handful of points where it speeds up, but those are few and far between. Hell if it wasn’t for the thrash style riffage and speed breaks this would be a straight-foreword death metal record. The guitar solos are pretty slick as well, there are a few notable ones in the latter half of the album, but they’re nothing too special. At some points the solos sound Morbid Angel-esc.

The lyrics are fairly odd though, they’re dark, really dark. Most of it is social commentary, ranging from erotic asphyxiation, humanity’s destruction, murder in a movie theater, and much more. I have to say the lyrics are very fitting for the mood already set by the music itself.

From The Darkest Depths Of Imagination is quite the gem in the realm of thrash, a darkened ride of horror and gruesome social commentary. I recommend getting a hold of this in some form or fashion, you’ll probably have far better luck finding a site where you can download this, ‘cause the cd copies are few and far between-87%.