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The Decrepit Birth disease - 60%

ChildClownOutlet, March 15th, 2021

Picture this, you're a gold miner, a relative newcomer to the prospecting scene. Your first few years you've dug up nothing but some minerals and coal. You've worked so hard, dug for so long, and you just couldn't get hit it. And then one day, you did. You struck gold. Then you decide to throw that all away and decide to dig for more coal because "Hey I already hit gold, I've reached the pinnacle of my career, I don't need growth." Could it be greed? Could it be laziness? Maybe they just felt like digging for gold isn't something they're interested in anymore, but this condition is best known as the DB disease. For many, Decrepit Birth hit their stride with their second and third albums; masterpieces of of technical death metal, but on their newest release they decided to revert back to their generic brutal death metal form which plagued their first dull album. Silent Line has now fallen victim to this as well.

For those who don't know, Silent Line is a melodic death/"symphonic" metal band that are relatively similar to acts such as Ensiferum, Omnium Gatherum and Soilwork. Their first 2 albums released with little to no fanfare, both seemingly generic albums that never really pushed the boundaries of melodic death metal. In 2015, Silent Line released their 3rd album, "Shattered Shores." This was their opus. This was the album that should've put them on the face of the map because this album is absolutely stunning. Jaw dropping and catchy melodies, gorgeous keys, deep crushing vocals and just a touch of soothing clean vocals. I was in awe, and I was excited for the future. If they released an album this incredible, then I'm sure their next one will be just as good.

Fast forward to 2021 and their 4th release, "Death and Perspective," is out. I could feel the excitement slowly dripping out of me when I heard the first song, "A Quiet Condition." This is what you want listeners to hear from your first song? This is a Soilwork song. This isn't the epic opener that tantalized my ears off their last album. This is just a boring synth line and some whiny clean vocals. Even the growls are restrained! There's no juice! No power in this song! It's only the first song, surely it couldn't all be bad.

"New Dominion" comes next and with an admittedly catchy opener, was a much better song. But I soon realized this sounds very familiar to Omnium Gatherum's "The Second Flame." I think that's one of the issues with this album. There's no identity. I get you're influenced by these bands but you have to make something your own. "Shattered Shores" did that extremely well. You could hear the influences but there was nothing in that album that was a carbon copy of something else. "Fragments" is a song that you could find on a rejected Insomnium album. They suck you in with tantalizing opening riffs then spit you out with even more clean vocals that were minimal in the last album and just dull songwriting.

The aforementioned "New Dominion", and In Flameseque "Destruction Legacy" were the highlights of the album. The latter really is a great song, marred by cleans(why add the cleans to almost every song?), the synths are not overpowering and it's something that the band should've learned from. I think that's the problem I have with this album; it just sounds unfinished. There's so much potential in it. In small bits and pieces but this band obviously has what it takes, especially when they released "Shattered Shores." They reverted back to their first 2 albums, run of the mill melodic death metal that just doesn't do anything special. A disappointing release that I hope they can move past from.