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A Nearly Perfect Album for Fans of "Flower" Metal - 92%

PowerProg_Adam, March 22nd, 2003

Although this album does mainly focus on the vocals of D.C. Cooper, thats not at all a bad thing. He has many different styles of singing and an excellent range. Silent Force has some rather talented musicians The first few tracks of the album resemble something that would be on Priest's Painkiller or Jugulator albums, while the others get back to more of a power and progressive metal style.

The title track without knowing that this was Silent Force, I could see how one could mistake this for Judas Priest. D.C. has a voice similar to Rob Halford on these songs. This track is a bit simplistic, but probably the heaviest.

Fall into Oblivion is a complete 180 from Infatuator. It has the sound that D.C has been known to produce no matter what band he has been in. One great thing about the song is the frequent use of D.C.'s high note at the end of each chorus.

Hear Me Calling is the only song that I've heard before purchasing the album, and it possessed me to spend my money on it. A drum intro similar to Dream Theater's Pull Me Under catches you pretty quick. This song is sang at a bit higher pitch level than most of the others and is probably one of my favorite tracks.

Promised Land however is very disappointing. Not only is it not played very well, the chorus is extremely cheesy. The lyrics display too much sexual innuendo(done with extreme cheesiness). This is probably the only song on the album I can say I don't like.

We Must Use the Power is rather catchy and has some pretty intelligent lyrics. The chorus gets a bit repetitive, but all in all its not a bad song.

Their cover of All Guns Blazing is competent, but its not that much how Priest does it. Its done the way a Progressive/Power metal band would do it, it lacks the true heaviness that it originally had.

Gladiator is one of my favorites as well. Its a very battle oriented track with a great power metal riff. Its your typical song about revenge on the system by one who is being oppressed.

The Blade is played much like a Judas Priest song, and the bridge sounds very similar to a Painkiller track, but for the majority, D.C. isn't trying to imitate Halford and just sings how he always has. One of the most different songs on the album, and I can respect that.

Last Time has another rather heavy riff and is also written rather competently. Once again, one of the tracks where D.C. experiments with his vocal range.

World Aflame has to be the catchiest song on the entire album. Some of the lyrics are not that great, but its played rather well, and is rather hard to get out of your head once you hear it.

In Your Arms is a very soulful ballad that is probably another one of my favorites from this album. Its a bit sappy with some of the lyrics, but how many ballads don't sound at least a bit weird in some way. If you like this track, you'd probably really like D.C. Cooper's solo album, there are a few songs on their that are in the same vein as In Your Arms.

For the most part, Infatuator is an extremely competent album, with exceptional musicians. Some songs do have the elements of "flower" metal, so if you aren't a fan of that genre, then keep away, but if your a fan of it, then this album will be at the top of your list.