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Atmospheric, but still much metal - 90%

marcelorissi, March 28th, 2009

It's always a big responsibility the task to review Silent Cry. The band is one of the pioneers to introduce doom/gothic metal into brazilian underground scene, together with few others around more or less that same time (I can remember only two by now, which are Serpent Rise and Pentacrostic).

They've given birth to a wave that influenced most of the groups which mix atmospheric and extreme elements into their music. This is fact.

Well, going straightly to the point, here in Goddess of Tears the band opted to approach a more gothic directed sound, through keyboard based atmospheric passages, female vocals and beautiful guitar/keyboard solos. The group has dropped most of their heaviness and aggressiveness from the previous albums in order to explore a new path, excelling this sentimental side into their music. And the result couldn’t have been better, as everything seems to work very fine here.

The sweet yet strong vocals from Suelly Ribeiro, mixed to a surprisingly creative and emotional keyboard work from Bruno Selmer (R.I.P.) played the role to make this album unique in sound. Also, the riffs and solos created by Dilpho Castro are part of this spectacle, adding a balanced drop of heaviness and melodies to the music.

The harsh vocals (performed by Dilpho Castro himself) are precisely placed along the whole album in order to balance melody and heaviness. Well, to be sincere, I particularly found the harsh vocals a bit absent here, as Dilpho Castro could have used it more often along Goddess of Tears in order to rescue some of the aggressiveness typical from their past stuff.

The production is not perfect at all, but it doesn’t spoil the listening in any way. In fact, the simplistic recording/production seems to work somehow as another tool to increase the brilliance and mysterious atmosphere of this album. It catches a gloomy and sorrowful feel which fits perfectly to the purposes of this record.

In the end, it’s so hard to choose highlights, as the songs are equal in quality. Anyway, I could mention my two favorite ones, which I indispensably hear every time I turn on Goddess of Tears: desire of dreams (with its fascinating keyboard work in the beginning; its slow paced beat; and also the well fit harsh vocals in its end) and my favorite one, illusions of perfection, with all those movements changes (curiously, this one has got only female vocals).

This piece won’t be fully scored ‘cause, as I mentioned before, harsh vocals are a bit absent, and so do agressive parts. Anyway, it’s still indispensable for the fans of the genre. This is so far my favorite one from Silent Cry.

Highly recommended.