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Poor... very poor - 30%

Darktear, February 14th, 2005

Brazil uses to give the world great Metal bands like Sepultura, Angra, Shaman, etc. but, about Doom genre, I still haven't found the one that makes me feel this country doesn't owe me anything. As a third release of Silent Cry, you would expect more quality in sound, compositions, performance and lyrics. Unfortunately, the production doesn't help, you could hardly feel the power of the distorted guitar all along the album; the female voice lacks energy and emotion because even the "ooohh" and "aaahh" parts are weak or forced and lyric's topics are always the same.

This album starts with "The Half Light". Its introduction is a "choral" made with synthesizers that is replaced by a fast double kick drumbeat with distorted guitars and some scales in the background. When the female voice starts, it seems to be out of beat or out of tune because its modulations don’t harmonize with the background guitar. Then, the growling male voice sings supports it in a better way, until she sings again with that forced high range that just doesn't fit the rest of the composition. A good musical bridge construction precedes a male soft voice and changes the beat into a slower one, where "pizzicato" strings puts an accent to the melody. Again, the fast beat takes control and the female singer makes a spoken part but... the song fades out! leaving you with the feeling that there was more to listen to.

"Two worlds" is a good composition that has enough elements to be one of the best songs on this album. Based in powerful guitar riffs, heavy drums supporting them and a very acceptable female and male vocal performances. It keeps the attention of the audience on the melody while rhythms change and guitar solos and duets fill the air. In fact, there's a solo part where guitar notes are followed by an harpsichord, giving this song a more brilliant mood and making of this one a good linear Metal song that won't let the audience drop this song until the end.

I think that, when you choose a song's name to title your whole album, it must be one of the best or, at least, one of the more elaborated and most important pieces where the group fans can identify, enjoy and even recommend your style. Unfortunately, this song's not the case. Although it's only 4:26 minutes long, this one is a non well constructed melody where beats change every minute and musical bridges don't take you to a better place, but leaves you in the same mood where female vocals sound forced and hardly gets the tune and duration it deserves. "Dance of shadows" is a poor metal composition, not made for demanding metal lovers.

"Silent scream" starts with a moody acoustic guitar that makes of this one a more Heavy Metal ballad oriented song than a Gothic/Doom one. By the middle part, it becomes heavier, but if not for the double kick drums beat and the mid-tone scales the muted guitar solo/duets performs, this would perfectly fit in any Def Leppard album. Once again, female vocals performance is poor, making feel the audience the girl was very tired and bored. Believe me, you just have to listen to the last 30 seconds of the song to realize her voice just was not made for high or long play notes.

"I can't understand" are the first words of this song and, with totally agreement, I can't understand how could somebody put such a bad song on any album. Melody has no sense, beat runs from a tempo to another, vocals (male and female) are quite deficient and if you think this is all, this song of 2:35 minutes long has... two parts! Yes, believe me, it has two parts because from minute 2:00 to 2:35 you can listen to a... musical bridge? intro? outro? Honestly, I don't know and now... I don't care, I just pushed the "next" button and let "My evil" go.

"Victory's time" should be better known as "The patchy song". This is a weird mixture between several melodies but joined together with no talent at all. For example, the beginning is a good guitar riff/duet that makes your neck go back and forward... but! after 40 seconds, the riff becomes more like death metal style while the growling man sings. Only 18 second later, everything changes again into another beat not related at all with anything heard. But this is not all, folks, by minute 1:34, the song becomes a Spanish guitar based melody with the half beats per minute the already heard had... oooops! What the heck is this? This is no a conceptual song, for Goth sake! This is... whatever you want but a Gothic/Doom Metal song!

"Only to love you" is the second song that you could rescue from this album. Although it almost touches the Pop Music edges, I've been trying to have mercy with this one because, after 17 minutes of bad music, this one, at least, makes me want to move my toes. This is a ballad based on clean acoustic guitars, fretless bass and some distorted guitar hits for the chorus sprinkled with a simple guitar solo; nothing of the other world and nothing to fall on your knees and thank but, as I said before, I am a merciful listener... sometimes.

"Beyond the silent night" is so hard to describe but, I will do my best: Fade in: double kick drum filling the air while a standard guitar riff tries to set the mood. Then, a tired girl singing a standard melody with standard vocal modulations. Then, a standard fast melody with standard growling vocals supported by standard female voice making the "Beauty". Once again, this voice just doesn't touch our hearts and we realize once again that high and long notes are not their best. After this, a standard guitar solo will take control until a standard fade out finishes this... standard song?

"Devoured by words" is, maybe, the best song of this album. It holds the right dose of growling, female performance, guitar solos and musical bridges. Here, the change between slow and fast beats is well done and the musical dialogue between the "beauty and the beast" is in perfect harmony with the rest of the instrumentation. In fact, it holds a beautiful acoustic guitar part that makes of this one a good sample of what Gothic Metal is all about. Why couldn't all the other songs be just like this one? I don't know and it's a shame, because I still feel that Brazilian musicians can give more than only 3 of 10 good songs in an album.