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Rebirth of the Temple - 50%

DeadHead487, September 30th, 2008

You know, I grew up listening to nu metal which is what got me to look into real metal. Spineshank was one of those bands I used to listen to early on and when I saw Jonny Santos playing with this band on Headbanger's Ball, I was quite surprised at this musical transition. Regardless of this band being evidence of Santos being actually able to pull off pretty cool guitar solos and showing his tastes in good musicianship, it doesn't make this album all that good.

I'm not an elitist and I don't mind good metalcore but this band I find mediocre. There is good drumming and the music as a whole is good but everything on here is really repetitive and in no way brings anything new to the metalcore "scene" if you wanna call that. There are some good things (which I will get to later) but lets focus on the worst parts first. The repetition is really annoying on this bitch. Its scream, sing, scream, sing, backing chorus and harmonies on every fucking song. The lyrical content isn't the best either. Just angry political/self-reliant/inner strength bull shit in every song with Jonny screaming at the top of lungs all pissed off before he starts singing.

On a positive though, they do have a lot of good solos (Wrath is a good example), harmonizing and drumwork. The guitarwork is really the only that keeps me interested in any of the songs because I am fan of melodic solos and shit. But the sheer formulaic repetitiveness alone cannot be overshadowed by the the guitarwork.

Overall, it is a step in the right direction for Santos and this band could potentially get better as time goes on, or they could stay the same and get worse. Regardless, if you don't like metalcore, leave this shit alone. But if you are adventurous or like cool solos and shit like Devildriver, you may wanna check it out despite its mediocrity.