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Leaves a lot to wish for - 36%

Myrkrarfar, May 11th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2010, Independent

The stupid song titles. The sub-par production. The untight playing. I shall forgive you all of these things. Why? Because of naïvete. "Twisted Mind" was the young Finns' first demo, and obviously you gotta start somewhere. Siknis were around for less than a year, and judging by the photos they were still battling puberty. Also, there’s actually some cool stuff to be found in these songs, though one has to listen very carefully to spot the twinkly shiny stuff. But it is there. Potential.

Siknis’ music is some kind of unorthodox and very, very unpolished mix of melodic death metal and heavy metal. The vocalist sounds OK, low death grunts trade off with some mid-to-high-pitch growling, which I like better. They also remind me a bit of Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquillity), and some hazier melodic parts with guitar harmonies and a wandering bass line also have the influence imprint of the Gothenburg pioneers on them.

What these youngsters need most of all are some streamlined arrangements to clean up the maze/mess that is supposed to be the overall sound picture. A crisper production and tighter execution couldn’t hurt, either. I like how the bass for the most time wanders off on his own on top of (yeah, on top of – it’s mixed that loud, and I like it) the guitar melodies and riffs, it adds a deviant flavour to the music. And to insert a bass solo on the third track? Respect for having the balls to do that on your first demo.

All in all though, “Twisted Mind” is a very uneven, rough and unready recording. Many riffs and melodies sound pretty juvenile and the execution leaves a lot to wish for. But as stated in the beginning, I forgive them; and I’m sure that as the guys and gal in Siknis mature, so will their music. There are glimpses of their own unique style to be heard in some melodies and arrangements, but what that could lead to we'll never know, as they disbanded in 2010.