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Signum Regis - The Seal of a New World - 95%

Edmund Sackbauer, November 26th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2019, CD, Beyond the Storm Productions

Signum Regis are a band I have been following since their second album „The Eyes of Power”. Their brand of melodic power metal is right up my alley and while I think that they have quite a good standing within the community they never really managed to get into the top tier. Anyone being familiar with their work will immediately confirm that this surely is not due to the quality of their music which is and always has been out of question. Maybe it is the somewhat inconsistency in the collaboration with different labels or the fluctuation regarding the position of the vocalist.

While for “The Eyes of Power” Ronnie and his crew had hired Göran Edman they went with a bunch of different singers on “Exodus” before it seemed as they had settled down with Mayo Petranin from “Through the Storm” onwards. However, on their newest opus “The Seal of a New World” we get to hear another fresh vocalist yet again – this time going by the more or less completely unknown name Jota Fortinho from Portugal. I have no info about the background of this change but what I can say is that while I also absolutely enjoyed the stuff with Mayo on the mic Jota is a stunning find. His soaring delivery is up there with some of the biggest names of European power metal reminding me of peers like Jan Thore Grefstad or the mighty Olaf Hayer.

The music is more or less exactly what one would expect listening to a new Signum Regis record. Euphoric lead harmonies combined with crunchy yet not too heavy chops and a lot of glorious melodies is what is on offer here. The main chords are uplifting and sometimes have a slightly melancholic and always epic touch. Guitarist Filip has done a great job of presenting some subtle variations of the trademark riffs over the course of the record. Themes of prior songs are picked up again and woven into other tracks giving the whole record a great and coherent flow.

Keyboards are used as well to create an extra portion of epic atmosphere. In some parts the musicians are allowed to show a bit of their technical abilities but overall the songs are really catchy and easy to enjoy. Some of the solos are impressive and while there are some elements like tempo or rhythm changes the music never gets too technical with the songwriting itself always staying in the main focus.

The songwriting is on spot with some of the tracks being the best Ronnie and Co have ever created. The harmonies are breathtaking and most chorus parts are larger than life. There is a certain positivity to the music that in my opinion make this album a great fit for this time of the year with Christmas around the corner.

The production is pretty much flawless which should not come as surprise knowing the previous work of the band. The sound is crystal clear and punchy at the same time. No detail has been buried in the mix and the end result is sounding modern yet organic at the same time. With the year 2019 slowly approaching its last weeks I am glad to report that “The Seal of a New World” is a late contender for album of the year. Fantastic stuff.