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Diddly Diddly Do! - 79%

TheStormIRide, March 21st, 2018

Significant Point is a relatively new band from Japan that, despite forming in 2011, heavily adheres to the classic sound '80s of heavy/speed metal. Releases have been slow going since their formation, with only a demo and a live EP to their name prior to their latest two track seven inch Attacker, which will see an early 2018 release through Infernö Records (their first release with label backing).

The two tracks on display here, “Attacker” and “Danger Zone”, show an energetic band paying homage to the '80s. Feisty, speed-ridden riffing with hook-laden melodies and charging leads are the order of the day. The dueling guitarists work quite nicely together, with driving speed metal riffing providing a spirited backing for the nimble lead runs. The vocals are roughshod and heavily accented, with a rather maniacal, higher register quality making them sound frantic or panicked; though the selective gang shouts throughout are a lot of fun. The bass is actually kind of cool, with a lot of fast paced, low end rumbling, though it does a have a bit of a “diddly, diddly, do” quality to it when it breaks through. The drums are pretty simplistic, with a laid back, galloping approach that fits quite nicely.

While it's clear that the classics of Japanese heavy and speed metal provided the foundation for Significant Point's sound, the band borrows heavily from both classic German metal and NWOBHM. It would be a far cry to call Attacker a modern classic, but its Iron Maiden meets Loudness meets Accept brand of high speed melodicism is a welcome entry. It's evident just how much Significant Point enjoys heavy metal, as youthful exuberance oozes out of these two tracks. Hopefully this four piece can put together a full length with just as much energy and reverence to the old guard.

Written for The Metal Observer.