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Fast and furious - 80%

differer, June 9th, 2010

After hearing this demo, I have to say it's not at all surprising how Sightless nailed a record deal with it. Exceptional quality for a young unsigned band, and guaranteed to stand out from the usual pile of garbage that labels have to deal with. I'd sign them for this, no questions asked.

The style here is fast (lyrically blackened) death/thrash that will not let you breathe for a second. The riffs are half-technical in the way Vader has done things in recent years, “melodic” like Behemoth's best and rhythmically simple, tailor-made for instant headbanging. The drummer is excellent and the vocals cannot be shunned either. The band knows what to do and does it very well.

There are, however, downsides to all this. The four songs are very similar to each other and suffer from a lack of more crushing, slower parts that some would call breakdowns. There is a very good one in the middle of 'Unleashed', but otherwise this is nearly exhausting. While the riffs are as good as any, they're not the least bit original, and the band would need a few fresh ideas for a longer release. The intro to 'Higher Art of Bleeding' and the chorus in 'Recrucify' are notable exceptions – and to find an actual chorus, let alone a catchy one in music like this is rather unusual in itself. What's strange is how they've left the better two tracks at numbers three and four; this is not what you should do on a demo. The fact that they later only included 'Unleashed' on their debut album says a lot.

The sound is good for a demo, a bit flat but still OK – the guitars could be higher in the mix, as they are now at times overrun by drums and vocals, but this is nothing serious. After all, it's the music that counts. 'Recrucify' managed to set very high standards for Sightless' future releases; with just a little more variation and a more developed musical personality of their own, the band would be sure to put out a devastating follow-up.