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Meh - 70%

taufan99, October 2nd, 2013

I really can't stand for the fact how this tribute to Venom is actually the silliest album ever recorded by Sigh. This is their only album I know to not even have any avant-garde sound. It might have sounded quite cool if only it were not for Mirai's unfathomably silly vocals.

The instrumentation is actually not that bad; even the guitars and bass riffs sound sludgy and noisy enough, although there are also some times where the catchy riffs from Venom are still retained, like in Schizo and Witching Hour. The drum does not seem to overrun the entire songs, unlike what you'd expect from a raw record (yes, it's raw!). Almost the entirety of the album is good, except for Mirai's vocals. Here, he REALLY tried to sound like Cronos, but much faster and harsher. That attempt, however, has sometimes met to some silliness. Just for laughter, you can hear this silliness in Black Metal and Witching Hour (again), where in the early part of the former track, you can clearly hear Mirai's Engrish, besides he also spoke (or more correctly rapped) the lyrics often in incorrect lines. Thanks to the raw production quality, the vocals even almost bury everything to just some useless thing, although only at some uncommon times, so you shouldn't worry much about them.

Let's forget the 2008 album with the same idea for a while. This one actually sounds way, way much better, if only (again) the vocals were more fixed. My highlights: Schizo, Welcome to Hell, Poison.