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Wow... - 90%

Snxke, January 26th, 2005

Sigh rank as one of the greatest black metal bands to walk the face of the earth. Not only did they manage to take the darker edges of their own cultural mythologies and hammer them into a "blackened" form befitting their own culture and history, they also took many elements of avante-garde and "prog-rock" musical variations and combine them with the raw attack of black metal. Sigh make this "Scorn Defeat" record into a feast for the ears and mind with strong lyrics, expert musicianship and a great sense of melody that only the thickest skulls could deny.

"Scorn Defeat" bears many classic tracks. I can't think of a particular weak spot on the record in fact. Though "At My Funeral" and "Taste Defeat" ring true for me, I think that any combination of tracks will please any fan of Sigh and of high-brow black metal in general. Sigh really put on a songwriting clinic with this release and proved that while they may not be the traditional concept we think of as "black metal"...they most certainly are better at it than most of the people who play those forms.

Sigh are legends that actually deserve the title based on their music alone. Unfortunatly, it seems that many people overlook them due to their rather strange sense of melody and odd image. Even so, the truest among every cult will remember them and Sigh will continue to be hailed as the coolest extreme that one can find in this little darkness-praising genre.