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Black Metal? It's more than that! - 97%

LordPJosephC, April 12th, 2004

Sigh is labelled as "black metal" by many. People who even attempt to label them with that genre do not fully see the vast array of influences and musical styles attemped by this Japanese three-piece.

Disco? Pop? Prog? Funk? Elements from all these styles are contained in this masterpiece known as "Imaginary Sonicscape." Sigh is by far one of the most unique metal bands. Ever.

The guitar work on this album is superb. The solos are quite well-done, and Shinichi is a great guitarist who can create great, catchy riffs. Mirai's keyboard work is phenomenal. His eclectic use of keyboards is great, and unique keyboards are featured on every second of every song. He is also a great player of the keys, and one song is dedicated to just Mirai playing a fas piano part.

The cons of this album are the vocals, the lyrics, and the drums. Actually, I really wouldn't call the drums a "con", but they are very bland and simple, which does work well with the music. The vocals are traditional black metal screams, which really don't go well with the the music. The lyrics are horrendous. IT'S PSYCHEDELIC MUSIC! IT'S AVANT-GARDE! WHY IS HE TALKING ABOUT CliCHE BLACK METAL THINGS LIKE SATAN AND TORTURE! I really wish the lyrics were just in Japanese.

This is a great album, and one the most unique experiances.

BEST TRACKS ON RECORD: "Requiem: Nostalgia" and "Corpsecry: Angelfall"