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Sielunvihollinen > Ruttokieli > Reviews
Sielunvihollinen - Ruttokieli

Sharp, snappy work of raw old school Finnish BM - 80%

NausikaDalazBlindaz, April 8th, 2014

I can just get my tongue around the tongue-twisting band name and it's taken me a while to spell the name right too but one thing I got straight away and that is, this band ROCKS my little world!!! True, I know no Finnish and the songs are dominated by the lyrics so I have no idea what the band is singing about. The music is as raw as scab-picked raw can be and then some. It helps too that these guys have cornered the market in catchy garage rock'n'roll rhythms and play their stuff with plenty of enthusiasm and passion for what they love.

As of this time of writing, the band has released just two short demos and the recording under review is its second. The first track "Anna virran viedä" is a sharp snappy affair with a strong bouncy pop-rock groove and a fast pace. The singing is extremely harsh and raspy and dominates the song. The general sound is raw and buzzy. "Varoituslaukaus" is similarly fast (but not very fast) and skips along with an equally strong and distinctive rhythm. There is a bit more variation in the music and sometimes the bass guitar follows its own melody beneath the guitars.

As the recording proceeds, the music acquires a darker, more sombre and darker tone and the music becomes less poppy in its orientation. "Viimeinen Valonlähde" and the title track before it are slower in pace and bleaker in mood than the first two tracks and tend to stand out less. "Vimeinen ..." is the longest of all five tracks and its repetitive nature is very noticeable. The final track returns to the earlier bounce of the first two tracks.

All songs are lyric-heavy so Finnish-language speakers will get more out of them than the rest of us. As far as I know, the main lyrical themes are anti-religious and songs take a big swipe at the main religions in the world, especially the Abrahamic ones. The raw music is well-executed and crisp, and features a good balance of melodic and riff variations on the one hand and repetition on the other. The musicians are good and consistent across all five songs and keep any instrumental solos short and relevant to their songs. The production is not too polished but neither is it very crude so all instruments can be heard clearly.

This demo is a good introduction to a young band and is recommended to people who are fans of old school raw Finnish black metal.