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Playgrounds Are Always Fun - 85%

GuntherTheUndying, September 17th, 2008

Playgrounds were the climatic pinnacle of being a child: after reading and writing nonsense you already knew, it was time to wreck havoc upon young ones with the various instruments granted by elder fools. “Playgrounds” marks the first live record the well-aged Sieges Even has ever delivered, and even though they’re too old for playing tag, the group demonstrates utter beatitude amongst warming attributes only some factions could dream. How rewarding! After all, this true test of stability encourages these philosophers to attempt levels never dabbled on before, yet they succeed wonderfully, whether it be new material or anthems about condors, flying away as a metaphor for life. “Playgrounds” is essentially what it is labeled, minus the swings, slide, and Pokémon cards: fun, and without overplaying the concept either.

Once the audience brings out their founding appreciation, you hear the band leap right into “When Alpha and Omega Collide,” but dissections are important to analyze instrumental wires. For instance, all guitars, bass, and percussion remain solemnly fit beneath Arno Menses’ beautiful voice, creating its basic foundation. However, everything is excellently audible, as the bass appears dazzlingly clear, guitars are crisp, and drumming acts forceful upon it all. Still, “Playgrounds” acquires a grand color of playing, which looks very nice for such a well-produced effort. Alas, Sieges Even’s equates a stalemate of objects in and out of their own control, thus balancing everything rather impeccably throughout this little ball of joy.

Contemplating the recording job as its finest aspect is quite obscene; indeed, what these liberal timers offer up looks mighty fine towards Sieges Even’s blossoming legacy. Menses is, of course, fantastic when trending into tunes from separate time planes, but more so, Sieges Even’s musical section casts magic entirely. Markus Steffen’s guitar arts practice unconventional riffs and solos played perfectly, while the Holzwarth twins bob and bash Sieges Even straight to Olympus, which is basically how “Playgrounds” works. What more could you ask for? And that goes without mentioning stellar songs like “The Lonely View of Condors” finding refuge within this neat hunk of glory! No shenanigans here; just exciting progressive metal performed just like it should be.

Ah yes, I am amused with this fun-filled production, plus it finishes a chapter Sieges Even needed to successfully write. Truly, all presented items are physically shined unto planes of ember tides, still giving welcoming experiences they perhaps missed, but fans praying for any opportunity of witnessing Germany’s classman’s hearty gig should succumb upon closure, because it’s all here, just for your entertainment. “Playgrounds” attempts nothing more than a decent band hitting the stage with utmost power and velocity that churns the energy of Sieges Even’s followers into pure bliss, so why not bother purchasing it if you already own and enjoy previous releases from these gentlemen?

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