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The Epitome Of Progressive Music - 92%

Starkweather222000, October 2nd, 2007

I firmly believe there is something someone must accept before trying to review "A Sense Of Change". No matter if they liked it or not, nobody ever really understood it to its full extent. In my humblest opinion, this album is like newly found oceans to any new listener. Especially to a metal fan...

Having said that, I can proceed to share my view of that unexplored land called "A Sense Of Change". Well, pretty simply, it is one of the really few albums ever that deserve to be called "progressive" (check also: Rage For Order, Hemispheres, The Dark Side Of The Moon), meaning that it is TRULY innovative, and not just too complex or technical or just too soft to be called otherwise. Sieges Even made a great breakthrough with this, a breakthrough that unfortunately was to remain unnoticed, due to the complexity of their music. They reached out to jazz/fusion fields, keeping a prog rock core while, at the same time, they manage to sound like nothing prog or prog-like before them. This album features one of the best rhythm sections EVER in their magnum opus, and if you're a bassist or drummer, that alone is a good reason to listen to it. But besides the performance of the Holzwarth brothers, experiencing this piece of music is indescribable for the fan of progressive music. Attention! I didn't use the term "progmetal fan". Sieges Even have really little to do with even the greatest progressive metal bands (Dream Theater, Shadow Gallery etc.), not because they are exceedingly better in comparison, but just because they are a whole different story. They may be labeled as progmetal so we can sort things out, but their jazz/fusion influences in this particular album are just too many and just too strong for someone to clearly state that "this is metal". I know you are confused, just not SO confused when you'll be the first time you'll listen "Behind Closed Doors"...

Returning to what I stated in the beginning, know that trying to feel this one completely is like trying to go around the world on foot. You'll never do it. But you can try, and it will surely be a lifetime experience...

Wonderful! - 95%

Bj_1, November 2nd, 2006

As the dawn of the 90’s appeared, Sieges Even releases their third release “A Sense of Change”, a fitting title considering that this work is notably different from their first two ones. It’s a rather melodic album and has a far more laid back and comfortable style to it, still, it carries a lot of Watchtower and Rush influences, but in a more melodic vein than Rush and a less chaotic and more emotional vein than Watchtower. It has some really tricky moments, there’s lot’s of complex time-signatures here, but the band masters them with great control and all of the songs has such a well performend and arranged style and the band glides through the music as a knife in warm butter, showing that these guys really can play, extremely well too! Jogi Kaisers vocals are excellent as well and he fits into the band well.

It’s excellently produced, the sound quality is clear and the instruments are perfectly balanced. Togheter with the excellent music, this gives the album a unique mood to it. It’s hard for me trying to find some weak moments here, the only one possibly being “Change of Seasons”, a pure classical track supported with an acoustic guitar. It’s a very good track, though I like the rest much better.

In sum: A unique and superb release, recommended to anyone who likes complexity in their music with great control, melodic and diverse songs backed up with flawless playing and great production. One of my finest discoveries from the prog-metal genre!