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A very good debut showing promise - 80%

MrVJ, September 13th, 2007

"You know what I like to do in my free time? I like to go online and look through obscure record labels and check out their bands. I do this because I've already dug deep into the core of death metal and I constantly crave some new up-and-comers. You normally get a wide range of bands ranging from “absolutely horrific” to “hey, not too shabby!” to “why don't these guys get more recognition?!” Having been around for the better of five years, Sickening Horror has been dwelling deep within the underground of Greece, just waiting to be found and polished like a diamond in the rough, and trust me, you don't find too many of those hanging around these days. Thankfully with this debut album they'll finally break out of playing tiny dive-bars and do better venues and even festivals.

Sickening Horror is labeled as playing technical death metal and they do their trade very well. One of the many things I notice about this band is that it is George Kollias's (Nile, ex-Nightfall, ex-The Circle of Zaphyan) other band, and get this: there were three George's in it! Yes, that's right. You've got George Killias on drums, George Bokos (Nightfall, Obsecration) on guitar, George Antipatis on guitar and vocals, and then you've got the lonely Ilias Daras (The Circle of Zaphyan) on bass. Every member is incredibly important to this album because each one is used so damn well. They certainly do play technical death metal, because I get major instances of bands like Decapitated, Necrophagist and Anata. There's also the sheer brutality factor of bands like Aborted, Panzerchrist and Odious Mortem. These two things are obviously what you need for well done technical death metal, and as I said, Sickening Horror play their trade very well.

As I said, each member is used perfectly and the production on the entire album is one complete masterstroke. No instrument overpowers the other and the vocals are in perfect sync with the music. What you get with this album is an adventure through the barren caves covered in blood in Greece and Sickening Horror are your serial killer tour guides through the book of death metal. It's songs like “An Eerie Aspect Of Us... Drowning”, “Forsaken My Bleeding”, “Filming Our Graves” and “Embrace The Abstract” that make me wish that I can headbang throughout eternity.

My favorite aspect of this album has to be the matter of some very unique aspects on “When Landscapes Bled Backwards” as well. What I mean by that is it sounds very surrealist, complete with interesting sound samples and thought-provoking lyrics. The best examples of this has to be “Filming Our Graves” and “Embrace The Abstract”. Normally in the beginnings and sometimes throughout you'll hear odd noises and sound effects, almost making you feel that you're traveling through time, giving this album heavy In-Quest and even Origin feelings.

If people think of George Kollias in this band and think it's anything similar to Nile then you're all dead wrong. “When Landscapes Bled Backwards” is absolutely nothing like Nile and is a rather original piece of kick-ass technical death metal. The great feeling I get that this is their debut album ensures confidence in me that Sickening Horror will continue to go on and dominate the Greece underground, and surely grace us with more spine-shatteringly heavy releases in the future."

Originally written for Metal Stomp