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RIFF ORGY!!! - 89%

DeadFetus, September 20th, 2002

Do you like riffs? Do you like thrash? Do you like riff filled death-thrash insanity? (The correct answer to each of these questions is of course, HELL FUCKING YES!!!!) Then Shrine of Scars is not a band to be missed. Their sound is reminiscent of Schizophrenia and Beneath The Remains-era Sepultura and early Death. Yes, it is that good. The guitar work is similar to what you would hear on Beneath The Remains. Each song has too many riffs and tempo changes to even attempt to count. The vocals are similar to Chuck's on Scream Bloody Gore but they are a little more growled.

The demo opens with the title track, "Deathbed for a Weakening Spirit" and it absolutely rips! A killer intro riff, great lyrics, in general it is fast paced insanity. The album continues in this vein until track number five, "Ripe." "Ripe" starts out with a slow, crushing riff and an all around depressing sound. Then around the 1:30 mark, the pace picks up and another killer riff comes in and just rips my fucking head off. I really can't explain how much ass this kicks. The only fault I can find is that the album is a little under produced, a little more bass and this album would essentially be flawless.

Bottom line? Check out Shrine of Scars now! They own you, they own your neck, and they own me. Be careful, extended listening will cause severe whiplash!! Great demo, I look forward to their next release.

First published at (c) 2002