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Shredder > Tortured Souls > Reviews
Shredder - Tortured Souls

Raw Power - 84%

maxkov03, May 10th, 2020

A solid old-school thrash album with early death metal vibes from the Melbourne metal scene. This album is extremely fast and chaotic, in a good way. Each song features super-fast riffs and blast beats, but the band can maintain a super tight performance. Their playing is also very precise, and nothing seems to get too lost in the mix.

Each song has something different to offer, from the chaotic tremolo picking and blast beats of "Tortured Souls", to the long and beautiful death-like instrumental break in "Enslavement". What I particularly like about this record is the mix, which is so brutal and raw, a great break-up from the current state of the metal music scene which is overrun with the plague of over-produced albums that saturate the modern metal market. Everything seems to sit well with each other (except for the snare which was a bit over-powering at times) and overall a great, raw, 90's sounding mix.

Drums - For the most part, the drums are solid. The snare sounds good, and the bass drums are typical of the style - clicky and precise. The drums have some interesting grooves in songs like "King Of Serpents" and "Fields of Insanity", but I just think that apart from these songs, most grooves on this record seem to be straight blast beats. Sure, it fits the style of the songs and works very well most of the time, but I think sometimes the songs just needed a little break from the blasts to change the groove up and add some flavour. Otherwise, the drums are solid and super tight.

Vocals - The vocals aren't overdone and typical of most thrash/death, the vocals can be seen as just another instrument, and certainly not the main event. Vocals suit the songs very well and add to the overall chaos. They're a nice deep growl and doesn't sound flat. Some thrash vocals tend to lack in-depth and throatiness, but these vocals are great and punch through. They also aren't too thick, which allows for the other instruments to blend in nicely.

Bass - The bass has an awesome, punchy, piano-like tone which suits the whole record well. It sits well with the guitars, and the bass lines played were very suitable and facilitated the guitars. Instead of following the guitar's riffs note for note, the bass accented the main parts of the riff which helps the guitars stand out. The bass was nice and throaty and added lots of depth to the mix, although sometimes it was just a tad loud and overpowering.

Guitars - The guitar tone is what I truly like about this album. It's not super typical of every thrash tone, and isn't super refined, which makes for an awesome, offensive tone. The two guitars play nice and in sync with each other which adds to the tightness of the overall performance. Riffs, for the most part, are heavy and hard-hitting, and somewhat catchy at times. The solos, however, is where I think they lack. Most of the solos seem to be just a bunch of shredding, almost like Kerry King solos at times. This fits most of the songs quite well. I just think that the solos lacked emotion and they may have got a little too caught up in the shred side of things. "Fields of Insanity" and "Purgatory" feature some solid solos that I quite enjoyed.

Overall, this album has an awesome atmosphere, and the boys have done a really good job with this album. A solid, raw mix combined with a super tight performance from all members. Highlights for me would be the bass break/solo in the middle of "Enslavement" which broke up the chaos right in the middle of the record and served as a refreshing breather, and "Fields of Insanity". I really hope to see more stuff from these guys, looking forward to what they come up with next!