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Show-Ya - This My Way

The one-off with Yoshino - 79%

Liquid_Braino, June 24th, 2016
Written based on this version: 1998, CD, Creedence Inc.

This My Way would be Show-Ya's last effort before their disbandment. It is also the only album to feature singer Yoshino, who gets plenty of representation on the cover sleeve. More importantly, though, is that this album contains perhaps the greatest title for an opening track in the history of rock and roll. The fact that it's a really good tune doesn't hurt either, but combine that song title with the album cover and a work of art is undoubtedly established.

Despite the smaller label representation, the album's production sounds glorious, possibly the heaviest I've ever heard on a Show-Ya release. The bass is massive, but not enough to overwhelm the rhythm guitar which wields a mean tone somewhere between grunge and metal. Miki Igarashi's guitar performance also keeps improving and at this stage she's throwing all kinds of neat little jazzy licks here and there. And as her sole performance on a Show-Ya album, Yoshino may not be the legendary Keiko, but she holds her own with a distinct tone that's somewhat feline in nature. A cat with nail polish on her claws.

Offering six tracks, the EP starts off strong as hell with "Blowin' You Tonight", a vicious rocker with some nice double bass pummeling to provide that stampede effect. It's actually become one of my favorites by the band despite the absence of Keiko. But that's not the only sheer winner, since "Crazy Eye" also graces this little platter. What a weird fucking song! Femme fatale slinky but with some cool jarring time signatures, Yoshino is practically hissing with a forked tongue and I'm bought and sold. Jazzy, groovy and heavy.

The rest of the tracks aren't bad, although the title track comes close, resonating as a throwback power ballad without really providing a much needed hook to make it all worth enduring. "Let It Go" is a cool mid-tempo slab of heavy rock and the final track "Sunshine" is one of those heartwarming soulful organ-soaked ballads that turned out to be a nice swansong for the band. That is, until they eventually reformed many years later.

I 'm not sure if it's blasphemy among Show-Ya fans to state that this is one of their better efforts or not, but whatever, since it's far from their worst. It's also a one of those releases that reinforces the value of the EP, featuring quality tracks without extra padding and a running time that's long enough to get a good feel for their music but short enough to avoid eventual ennui. This My Way is also an interesting statement in just how different the Japanese metal/rock scene was from the Western world in the mid and late 90's. Show-Ya added new heavier elements to their sound, yet never ditched their 80's AOR roots in the process, resulting in some really quirky loud music. As far as non-extreme metallic stuff goes, I'll easily take an EP like this over the nu-metal that was blazing all over North America at the same time.