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A Slammin' good time - 90%

THETRASHMAN, July 11th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2010, CD, Sevared Records

The band "Short Bus Pile Up" was originally formed in 2005 by frontman Tyler Sharpes as a more-or-less joke band, with him producing and recording every instrument and the vocals all by himself for a full-length album and an EP, both of which nobody ever heard of (Hell, neither are even listed in the band's discography).

Eventually he recruited a full line up to take the band in a more serious direction compared to Tyler's older joke material to record another EP, a promo, than finally their first serious full-length album "Repulsive Display of Human Upholstery" in 2010. Eight years later this album still kicks total ass!

After a sample intro, "Ball-Peen Beating" opens up the album as the longest song on the album. As soon as the first riff kicks in after a quick grunt from Tyler it's almost impossible to NOT headbang or move at all to it. The next thing you'll notice is that the slam riffs are utterly fantastic, very well placed and flow perfectly with the song, and this applies to the whole album.

The guitar tone, although not perfect, still works just fine with the riffs being played here. The bass is unfortunately quite hard to hear most of the time (which to be honest is no big surprise for the genre). The drums and the snare are absolutely AWESOME here. But I'm a little bit mixed with the vocals, as they mostly sound like a generic Walmart "Great Value" brand version of John Gallagher from Dying Fetus. They aren't terrible, but they get the job done.

While some people may complain about the short song-lengths, I completely agree with another review here in that it prevents each song from dragging on too long. With all of the songs here you'll get a good build-up for a slam or two, some good gravity-blasting, and a strong urge to mosh like a maniac by yourself in your own room (I'm looking at you, Fecal Matters) All within the span of a minute or two.

All of the songs are about equal, but if I absolutely HAD to choose a couple of highlights I'd go with "Ball-Peen Beating", "Fecal Matters", and "Appeasing the Butcher" (The three bonus tracks are also really neat, too).

I would HIGHLY recommend this album to all fans of slam metal.