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i know the review is short but really this is good - 85%

MutantClannfear, March 24th, 2011

Well, musically, this may be the most retarded slam death metal album to ever exist. Even bands like Devourment have more class than this release and its chugging, pornogrind-reminiscent slams. As harsh at that may sound, this release is really good: Short Bus Pile Up have successfully created one of the catchiest slam death metal albums to ever exist.

Repulsive Display of Human Upholstery solves one of my biggest gripes about slam death metal as a whole: it drags on for fucking ever. The obvious solution? Make none of your songs longer than 3:00 in length. Sure, it's a bit odd to have a release that has 12 tracks and is still under 30 minutes in length, but the music benefits from the fat trimmed from Short Bus Pile Up's music. The guitars are relatively suppressed in the production compared to most slam death metal bands, but musically they're great. They're equal parts pornogrind and brutal death metal, so they're a bit more original than most slam death metal tends to be. The album never really focuses on momentum at all; it's all about the beat and how catchy it is. On and on they chug for 27 minutes, retaining a fair amount of melody but still keeping a fair amount of pure chunkiness behind the riffs. The drums are your typical crappy-sounding kit playing typical slamming riffs, and the drummer doesn't really do anything worth mention. The vocals are typical brutal death metal grunts, but somehow they feel a bit weak. They have a sufficient amount of originality, but they're not loud or intrusive enough. They just seem to sit on the sidelines. I really hope that on Short Bus Pile Up's next release, they step up the game on their production, which is the biggest problem on Repulsive Display of Human Upholstery.

But production aside, this is a great release, and anyone even slightly into slam death metal should check this out. It's succinct, catchy, yet sufficiently heavy brutal death metal, and it may very well be the best BDM release of 2010.