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...and this is just a promo? - 83%

TheSunOfNothing, February 21st, 2010

Slam death metal sucks alot of times, but when done right it's pretty damn cool. I love the more interesting bands like Wormed and Dripping, and Devourment's first album was pretty good too. I don't have a hatred for the stuff, I just don't really enjoy it all that much due to it's many similarities with deathcore (both genres focus entirly on being 'brutal' rather than making intelligent music, and most of the band's in either genre sound exactly the same).

Short Bus Pile Up, a band I was unaware even existed until my band's bassist got them to play with us at his birthday party, are definatly going on the list of good slam bands. Everything done on here is done for a reason, and none of the slam riffs seem as if they were lazily latched onto the songs to make it sound heavier. The vocals are a breath of fresh air, replacing the standard cricket/dying pig vocal style the band previously used for guttural death growls, and let me tell you, Tyler Sharpes has one HELL of a growl. He gives Chris Barnes a run for his money! Unlike ole'Barnsey, Tyler's growls are not ridiculously deep to the point that it sounds like they were pitchshifted. His growls are still deep, but also very pronounced, and fit with the slam music very well due to the more guttural effect that they have. He also let's out a high scream on "FUBAR (felt up by a retard)". The drumming is noteworthy as well, most noticable is the killer snare tone, which really fits with this style of music. David Dement is extremly talented at gravity blasts, as you will find out if you listen to the songs on the band's myspace or if you ever see them live.

So this is a really good promo for the band's up-coming full length album, "Repulsive Display of Human Upholstry", out on Sevared records very soon! It's better than what most slam band's full length albums sound like! Unfortunatly this will most likely go out of print very soon due to the fact that only 30 copies remain of it. Oh well, it's still very good.