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A Glimmer of a Downer - 55%

marktheviktor, May 1st, 2009

Within Deep Dark Chambers is cold, depressing relentlessness of a debut LP by Sweden’s Shining. If you are listening to this album, I am sure you are already aware to be taking in some “depressive” black metal by this third wave band. This record certainly has got that territory more than well covered. This is better than average previous mentioned black metal but if you are just getting into Shining, this probably isn’t the best album to start with from them because it doesn’t set the band apart enough among so many other black bands like this that you probably will give a chance to as well. I might also add that you won’t confuse this with Leviathan either. In that respect, you have balance in your options whether to buy this.

I don’t know exactly where my expectations laid when I first bought Within Deep Dark Chambers. I was hardly a Shining enthusiast but Kvarforth was pretty young when he wrote this album and I was curious to hear how proficient the album is for such a young band. I was impressed. The vocals sound very hateful and sick. Kvarforth’s guitar work is sharp and fast. Same with the drumming. But I can’t report that the songs aren’t derivative. The pace at a whole is slow and static-y. I lost count how many times I have noted about marginalization of bass guitar in many black metal albums. With that said, I think you know where I am going with the point here too. The music moves at an almost industrial-like rhythm. It doesn’t really have the ambiance that is heard from other bands with these themes of utter darkness and depression or suicide. Dark Chambers pretty much ingrains that aura into the main mix with the bitter aggression striking along.

You should also know that this album is very monotonous even by standards that are typical of this kind of black metal. If you look at it as one whole song persisting to bring you down to the pits of evil nihilism, this might very well work for you or give another variant on depressive/suicidal sounding black metal than what you heard about. Within Deep Dark Chambers is not a Shining example of their best work but it is very well done for what is expected.