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$$$hining - Crapopsalmer - 20%

Im_Tony_Danza, September 8th, 2009

I don't get how everyone here can't see that they have been completely ripped off by this album, in so many ways.

But first, I want to get one irritating detail out of the way.

The final track, "Total Utfrysning" employs what, in music, is known as a leitmotif. This is a common occurrence in film scores, or sometimes on certain 'themed' albums. They aren't "playing the riffs from that other song" for the sake of doing it, there is a point to it, and this misunderstood effect is just one more thing that shows that the musicianship of this band is capable of surpassing the simple level of understanding for most of their fans.

Well, then why does this album have a 20%?

Because in my opinion, this album is really only worth the first two tracks, which aren't even that good. And you paid $10.

Has it occurred to anyone that this album is technically only 4 really sub-standard songs? You have the 4 'new' tracks, then one cover, and one brief musical interlude. $10.

Everyone has complained about this interlude, but no one has seemed to put two and two together, that there is always an interlude before the final song on a Shining album. Its not meant to be a song you rock out to or whatever, its another dramatic effect implemented to prepare you for the climax of the album. On Halmstad, it was that Attiosextusenfyrahundra track, which segues into the closing song, Neka Morgondagen. On The Eerie Cold, there was the title track, and then The Claws of Perdition, and so on. So you see, its not a "waste of time" or a "meaningless song", rather again, the fan base just doesn't seem to grasp the concept of atmosphere and effect, but on the other hand, this album is severely lacking all of that anyway, so it makes sense that their heavy metal fans would score this album with 85% and 96%, and pay that $10.

The first song does sound like Shining, but it doesn't really seem to go anywhere. There is no atmosphere, no buildup, no contrasts, nothing except for rock n' roll riffs. Say what you will, but I completely disagree that Huss and Gråby are as excellent as people say. They know how to play their instruments, but their song writing ability only seems to go so far in this context. They would probably be much more effective writing death metal or jazz, but they are beginning to use the same riffs in a lot of these songs (not a reference to the last song), the same chord progressions, the same structures, but then why is there no atmosphere? Where are all the different surprise instruments? This is just the first song and already this album is weak as fuck for $10.

The next song, in my opinion is the only worthwhile song here. I can tell by this point in Shining, Kvarforth is really struggling with these vocals, maybe that's why he's mixing it up a bit and trying to sing or whatever. The singing is alright, appropriate for Shining. Its a pretty straightforward track, very catchy, but still remarkably bland compared to something like I Och Med Instikt Skall Du Forgå, or even Svart Industriell Olycka. John Doe would have been worth $10.

After that, we get some death metal song with too many solos. I guess they want us to believe this is 'melancholic' when it sounds like Spawn of Possession riffs. I hate how people throw that word around; 'melancholic'. This song isn't melancholic, it just sounds like it belongs to another band. Where do people get the idea that this is all 'progressive'? In what sense does this apply, because I only see this album as a huge step back (step down?) towards selling out. Yes, I said it. SELLING OUT. I'm sure anyone would like to argue with me that they are just experimenting and trying new things, but if its not broke, then why are you fixing it? A Seigmen cover? Come on. This would have been cool to have on another unreleased compilation album, but this cover is taking up space on an album which would already only have 5 'real' songs, and it isn't even their own. Who cares if its a good cover, its not a new Shining song. I wouldn't go to a Shining concert to hear Seigmen songs, so why would I buy an album to keep forever just to hear some obscure band from Norway which I am sure only has meaning to Kvarforth here?

The last song is anti-climax. It is maybe three riffs played over and over for 16 minutes, with no change in tempo, and only a temporary piano interlude with a sample from a Swedish film (again I'm sure this is only personally relative to Kvarforth), and then those three-ish riffs again. Then the CD is over and you paid $10.

This is the truth about this album. As I said, the second song and the noticeable absence of annoying movie samples are the only redeeming qualities this album has. Don't believe Shining fanboys that will tell you this is awesome because they will eat shit off anything Kvarforth has touched. This is a weak album, and if I haven't convinced you, hear it for yourself and regret.