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Simply Amazing - 95%

AngryChains05, December 7th, 2004

Words can't describe the feeling you can get from listening to this album. The atmosphere it creates, the sound it amplifies, you just can't describe it. I don't want to describe the album song by song, because it is more one long song than it is 5 individual songs. The slow-as-can-be distorted guitar just gives off a great sound. The keyboards add so much to the atmosphere as well. Being funeral doom, the band is basically all about atmosphere. Pasi's vocals are great as well. The slow, agonizing, depressing growl of his is quite amazing stuff. Very talented man this guy is(note - Amorphis, Ajattara, etc) and I personally think this is his shining moment. This is definately my favorite doom band seeing as how it is the first I heard, and has just continued to remain my favorite. Not many bands can totally change my mood by the end of the first track like this band can. It's really hard to describe the presence of the music, that atmosphere it creates, to someone who hasn't heard much. To anyone wanting to listen to doom for the first time. Go outside on a gloomy, cold night. Either take a walk, or sit out on a porch or something, and listen to Shape of Despair's Shades Of... or even Angels of Distress, on your portable cd player, or something with headphones. Just relax, close your eyes and listen to the music. Listen to the atmosphere it creates, the aura of amazing sound. This is truly a beautiful, wondrous piece of music that i recommend to anyone who wants a feeling of despair and ecstasy all at the same time.