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Your standard italian cheese - 47%

Egregius, January 14th, 2004

This is a review based on mp3s, and I'm gonna make it short and sweet.

This is pretty standard Italian powermetal. Not Rhapsody vein, but the other standard power metal brand. The name should give it away. Guitars, keyboards, falsetto male vocals. Generally fast songs with medium-to-up-tempo parts for variety, with choral vocals here and there. Overall, uninteresting songs, with uninteresting riffs that I think I've heard elsewhere before, standard song progressions (really predictable), and no redemption whatsoever either in regards to lyrical content. The production is slightly flat (could be the mp3-quality), but otherwise completely the same as every other Italian powermetal band. The only thing saving this is the occasional infusion of late 70's progrock guitarwork, but hey, mudpies with umbrellas still don't taste good, right?

The only other thing that caught my attention on this record, besides it being so completely derivative, is the long note the singer reaches at the end of the first song, and keeps going for 20 seconds. But on closer inspection it lacks depth.

The Agent Steel cover, which is truly the only interesting song on here, is relatively true to the original including the vocals, and even has slightly better production, but still doesn't compare to the original, and the singer of course is no John Cyriis (although it's a nice attempt), as it lacked the power John had.

Considering there's so much better work out there, that's not a poor copy of the better bands, this album should receive no attention from anyone besides those who haven't developed taste yet. Come on, even the bandname, logo and coverart are extremely crappy and derivative. And why this is a 2-cd set noone probably knows, besides the second disc featuring only covers (as if the first disc weren't direct copies).