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Overrated and inconsistent - 60%

Sierra_Nevada, March 7th, 2004

This CD is inconsistent, if nothing else. Shadows Fall can thrash, but apparently not all the time. They'll be ripping right along with some killer thrash riff, then shift gears and do some godawful melodic fill or clean vocals crap that makes one wonder "where did the metal go?" A fine example of this takes place at approximately the 0:45 mark on Idle Hands. This happens numerous times throughout the CD. Highly annoying.

And sometimes, when he is trying to sing melodically, I think the singer descends from good into major Jonathan Davis-like vocal suckage (example of this at 1:42 in Destroyer of Senses). If he stuck to the screaming and bellowing, I would not be talking about him.

And that little acoustic bit, "Casting Shade." I really do like it, but why couldn't it be taken further into some kind awesome Halfold "Silent Screams"-style ballad? It just doesn't seem to go anywhere, as it is. And damnit, I want to know why it was put there, right in between two ass-ripping songs. Mood-killer, in my opinion. It would have been better if it was an album-closing track, kind of like Disturbed did with"Darkness" on their last CD.

But there is good to be said about this album too. There is plenty of headbangage to be found, as well as numerous good riffs, and the guitarists are pretty good at tearing it up in their solos. Some of the songs are pretty catchy - however, like I said earlier, it is quite annoying to be headbanging along at one hundred miles per hour and then run up against a sappy melodic fill that kills the mood entirely.

So, overall, I think this album is just merely ok, and somewhat overrated.