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Am i the only one who dislikes this release? - 10%

Shadow0fDeath, August 25th, 2004

A while back i heard the hype for this new Shadows Fall release, things like "Possibly the years best metal band", "Thrash Revival". After finally getting the release i have to say i was extremely dissapointed with it myself. This band is no thrash revival. It's just another boring metalcore album that people believe is actually metal. There isn't much metal about it. While the vocalist, Brian Fair, screams Jonathan Bonais and Matthew Bachand play a few boring and repetitive riffs for the entirety of this release.

Idle Hands, the first track off the album has got to be one of the worst tracks i've ever heard. It's basically the same thing over and over again. Not thrash, just a lame semi-technical repetitive riff over and over with the same boring screams. By the way about these screams. Who enjoys these screams? They're dull, and lack any variation of pitch, power, emotion, and musical effect. Anyone can shout. Hey i know, let's all make a metalcore band, shout, have breakdowns, sell a million records while sitting on our asses being promoted as a thrash revival.

Destroyer of senses is a fairly decent track, pretty heavier and a nice song to headbang to, but too short. How predictable. They cut down the short stuff for idiotic hardcore groove crap that's defined as new thrash.

The rest of the songs on the album are repetitive, uninspired, generic filler that all sounds EXACTLY THE FUCKING SAME! I don't know what the band is thinking. Their previous effort, Of one blood, was decent, but Shadows Fall went from decent to extremely poor with these release. It's no thrash revival as advertised. Just a bunch of mindless metalcore drivel. I don't see any interest in owning this release. It's the most boring uninspired generic repetitive album i've ever heard!