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Can You Say "Filler" Boys and Girls - 70%

PowerProg_Adam, April 29th, 2003

Shadows Fall is an extremely talented band, but they just seem to be running out of ideas for songs. The majority of these sound alike. They get such a good rating because the three tracks that do sound different are absolutely phenomenal! Eleven tracks doesn't sound bad on paper, but two are acoustic instrumentals(which sound remarkably similar) and one is a cover of a Pink Floyd song. The guitar work on virtually every song is superb, but I can't get past the fact that all but about 3 songs are sung almost exactly the same way. Three good songs does not make an album great in my opinion.

They open up with a very thrashy track, Idle Hands. This is one of the few tracks that I like throughout the entire song. Just makes me want to headbang for three and a half minutes.

Thoughts Without Words is probably the bands best track from any album. This song is an absolute masterpiece! The solo to this song is absolutely mind-blowing! Its also probably Brian Fair's best vocal performance as well. I also love the transition for the solo to the crunchy guitar riff and rapid drum work. Hearing this song will make you want the album, but the rest doesn't seem to follow the same mold.

Stepping Outside the Circle is another extremely good song. Another rapid guitar riff and vocals that make you want to mosh or headbang, or do something of the like. The riffs actually seem more difficult than most of the ones on the other songs. This track is definately a keeper.

Art Of Balance is way too sappy. Brian Fair does not have the voice to be singing a ballad type song. In my opinion, an all around week performance. Nice guitar work seems neglected on this track.

Mystery of One Spirit has potential. The intro to the track is amazing, sounding like something Iron Maiden should have done more of back in the day. But after about 30 seconds, we sink back into the same old mold of most of the other tracks with unoriginality.

The rest of this album is extreme filler. If you hear one of them, you've heard them all. I personally think Of One Blood is alot better album. No bullshit, just balls out melodic thrash/death metal. This album displays too much of a newer Anthrax hardcore type vibe. Apparently these guys have been hanging out with Hatebreed way too much.