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A tribute to the Gods of Power Metal - 75%

Edgecrusher, August 25th, 2003

Shadowkeep second effort is once again a beautiful hommage to the ruling trio of 80's power metal : Crimson Glory, Fates Warning and Queensr├┐che (though the latter appears less on this one). "A Chaos Theory" is nevertheless a step-up from their previous album, as this time around, we get to hear more of the band's own creation. The album is also more prog-influenced than "Corruption Within", which gives it a little edge that keeps things interesting all the way through.

After a few changes of personnel, the band finally found a rythm section that fits perfectly with the trademark vocals of Rogue M and the guitar works of Chris Allen. While I'm mentionning him, here's a few words of praise for Mr. Allen, that I forgetfully left out of the previous review. While he's no Adrian Smith of Chris DeGarmo, Chris Allen is a very talented guitar player. Alternating rock-solid riffage with transcending harmonies, his work as a musician and a composer (as he writes most of the music) really shines on this album. Just listen to the intro of "Beware the Signs", and you'll be convinced.

The opening trio ("A distant Paradox", "Seventeen" and "Beware the Signs") will blow you away. These three songs sum up perfectly the rest of the album : total riffage, great choruses, and just a little hint of prog. This is a trio worthy enough to stand on par with the "Night of the Stormrider" opening trio, quality-wise.

The rest of the album carries on nicely with songs like "Believe" or "ChaosGenesis" fully demonstrating the potential of the band, and closes on the beautiful "Lucifer's Pastime". Shadowkeep varies the moods, ups or downs the tempo, making this album less "bland" than their previous one. My only gripe with "A Chaos Theory" is the presence of quite a few fillers, short instrumental numbers that don't really add anything to the rest.

So, same conclusion than in my "Corruption Within" review. If you worship Fates Warning and Crimson Glory, check this out !