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Surprisingly good! - 88%

Derfos, April 6th, 2009

When I hear the term 'deathcore' I don't often expect much from the band. Very few deathcore bands have managed to make an original sound and have their music actually impress me. However, I am a fan of little-known bands and I decided to give Shades of Dusk a try. I was pleasantly surprised.

The first thing that hit me about shades of dusk was the technicality of their sound. Unlike most deathcore bands, these guys are not just a bunch of kids that wanted to make a cool metalcore band but weren't talented enough to figure out the harmonies and get some clean singing in there. Shades of Dusk combines the deathcore sonud with what can be described as technical death metal for an original sound.

The second thing that can be said about their sound is the drums. Not only are the drums clearly recorded, the bass drum has a very distinct sound that reminds me of Dying Fetus (another plus for the technical death metal fans).

Finally, the vocals. The vocalist is very proficient with the 'core' screaming, and manages to get away with a few death metal growls here and there.


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