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Shade Empire - Omega Arcane - 95%

lordazmolozmodial, May 16th, 2013

As a black metal fan, nothing can satisfy my ears better than a grim black metal album full of orchestrations and melodies, and as Septic Flesh once satisfied such needs before two years, Shade Empire is here to feed us with true black/death metal riffs in front of a huge orchestral performance, making every single moment interesting and genius. The previous album "Zero Nexus" has caught my attention in 2008 and I was anticipating a very excellent fourth full-length album, and here is "Omega Arcane" is planting itself in the thorny garden of the best metal releases of the year.

Omega Arcane is the first album for Shade Empire to be released by Candlelight Records, which means that this album is a huge jump in the discography of Shade Empire after the last good three full-length albums. The orchestral outburst and the blackdeath metal rebellion are the basic musical themes of this album, the clean vocals and the creepy harsh vocals of Juha have stabilized the complex structure of the tracks, his low-high harsh vocal pitches are excellent for this kind of music. The talented guest musician "Mikko P. Mustonen" has handled the orchestrations in an epic way in this album, the result is really impressive and it gave the whole album a very majestic sound, just like his efforts in the album "From Afar" for the Finnish folkdeath metal band Ensiferum.

The tracks "Ruins" and "Dawnless Days" and "Slumbering Giant" show a lot of Dimmu Borgir influences, but the guitars and the drumming show more grimness and strength. The tracks "Traveler Of Unlight" and "Until No Life Breeds" and "Nomad" mix a lot of influences of orchestral and industrial music beneath the massive wall of guitars. The track "Ash Statues" is one of my best tracks in this album because it simply has a very interesting tune and impressive guitar work. The longest tracks in this album are "Disembodiment" and "Omega Arcane", both tracks contain a lot of musical elements and a lot of epic moments, the instrumental minutes of these tracks used acoustic guitar sections between the orchestral sections to make everything sound perfect, both tracks are literally masterpieces. The track "Malicious Winds" is one of the strongest and fastest tracks in this album, it contains a lot of impressive orchestral movements and a very good guitar solo, plus the drumming of this track is my favorite.

If you want an epic mix of "The Great Mass" and "Abrahadabra" in one album, then you have to get a copy of Omega Arcane right now, every single track will blow the dust off your speakers and let a massive void of epic and majestic music hollow your mind! Prepare yourself for one of the best metal releases of 2013.

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