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Everyone should listen to this. - 98%

maidenpriest, April 20th, 2004

Now this, my children, is what it's all about. Heavy fekking Metal. Take one part Megadeth, one part German power (incidentally one of their song titles), one part Iron Maiden, stir together with dangerously ludicrous and hilarious lyrics, and what do you get? Sex.... Machineguns!!!!! Best japanese metal bend ever? Quite possibly. It's definitely close. (Note: I'm only actually going into the background as it's the debut album) Definitely the best japanese band of the 90s for me, anyway. Let's get to the songs now...

1. Sex Machineguns - The title track, and a good one at that. Somewhat similar to 'Hit The Lights' in that it starts off as noise and then enters BANG with an almost punk riff, but with a thrash sound. This is pure attitude, complete with lyrics about onanistic sex (yeah, that's right, wanking!) Seeing young japanese ladies sing their hearts out to this is hilarious. (check out their DVDs)

2. Japan - A song about how great living in Japan is, and the Japanese spirit, or Yamato-damashii. An unusual melody but somewhat catchy. Good track overall. Good guitar work.

3. Scorpion Death Rock - Now this is hilarious, about being stung by scorpions, the song simulates the delirious state that scorpion poison puts you in. With death metal vocals. One of my favourites. Great drumming, and a shredding solo too.

4. Devil Wing - After a long intro (too long) the song gets really good. A strong melody with a good chorus, the riff reminiscent of Loudness' SDI. The solo shreds, too. See? SM can do serious songs too. (Serious if haven't seen the video, which I highly recommend, great sense of humour)

5. Sakurajima - A song about the volcano at Sakurajima, a japanese volcanic island. This has really funny lyrics and is a good song overall.

6. High Speed Samurai - This rips through all the cliches of Samurai 'chambara (sword-fighting)' films and makes a really good song. Very up-tempo with a really happy, power-metal style chorus.

7. Fami-Res (Family Restaurant) Bomber - Now this is a really great track, genius lyrics too. About how a guy had a date at a Fami-Res but was stood up, and the waitress really pisses him off with her incompetence. The ending is hilarious.

8. Inu No Seikatsu (My Life As A Dog) - A love song (still quite thrash) about how a guy loves this girl so much that he becomes her dog (literally) to be with her. Unusual expression of true love to say the least, but kind of sweet at the same time.

9. Hanabi-LA Daikaiten (Rotating Fireworks Petal? Difficult to translate.) - A song about vampires, with awesome high pitched vocals. The chorus is really excellent, with an incredible (my favourite) guitar solo. One of the best tracks on the album.

10. Burn -Aino Honoo Wo Moyase- - Best track on the album, and a great album closer. Incredible high pitched vocals, and an incredible (but extremely melodic) twin lead harmonising guitar solo (my brother's favourite solo).

All in all, one of my favourite albums of all time, only just eclipses its successor though, due to existence of variety (Ballads and mid-tempo songs), whereas the next album is almost all light-speed thrash songs. I only mentioned shredding guitar solos in some songs, they are only the ones that stand out. The album is full of excellent shredding solos, some of them twin leads with harmony, with the difference that they fit the songs really well and never once descend into pure fretboard-wanking. If you understand Japanese, get this, even if you don't, get this, and get someone else to tell you what the lyrics arte about. Because the lyrics are what elevates this even further above other excellent thrash/power metal. Buy it. You won't be disappointed, I guarantee it.