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Melodic progressive metal - perfect in every way - 100%

concertmusic, May 11th, 2012

If you are a fan of melodic progressive metal in the vein of Circus Maximus or Redemption, this 2010 release by Seventh Wonder is almost certain to please, and please it does in spades.

Given that their 2008 cd, "Mercy Falls", was one of the the top progressive metal releases of the decade, the bar was set very high for this offering. However, while not providing any serious surprises, if a band doesn't change anything from a near-perfect effort, what more can a fan ask for?

As with previous Seventh Wonder works, here we have melodies without stop, soaring and majestic vocals, guitar-laden passages and soli, the expected spectacular bass and drumming, and outstanding keyboard support behind it all.

There are only 7 tracks on this opus with Number 7, the title track, clocking in at just over 30 minutes. This awe-inspiring piece is based on a poem called "Aniara" by Swedish Nobel Laureate Harry Martinson and may be the epitome of what all epic, progressive songs will need to be like from here on out. You will need to discover this symphony in 13 parts on your own. It is well worth the journey.

The 6 tracks leading to the epic totaling over 37 minutes are not just fillers, however. Every single one is another testament to the melodic progressive prowess of this band.

There is little else to be said. If you already know Seventh Wonder or already have this cd, you know you won't go wrong. If this review finds you trying to decide whether to give them a try, you won't know what you have missed until you do, so do not wait. Consumer beware, however. If you have any tendency to like progressive metal, you will be hooked in a single listen. This work is perfect in every way. Enjoy.