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A Solid Release With Great Potential... - 85%

WhoahVal, October 11th, 2010

Given the history of half of the members of the band, it’s inevitable that Seventh Void will be compared to their former full-time band, Type O Negative. While there are certain similarities between the two, it is important to realize before listening that there are quite a bit more differences. As Kenny and Johnny have mentioned interviews, Type O’s music can get convoluted at times, and they started the band with the intention of writing more riff-driven, straight-up hard rock music. Despite being half of both bands, they are missing Peter Steele, who was the main song writer of Type O, and so the primarily bass and keyboard driven sound that characterized the band is totally absent here.

Enough of what we don’t have though, let’s focus on what we do. With Kenny Hickey at the helm, Seventh Void features a gritty, stripped down sound with guitars and the infamous RIFF at the forefront. Although we got hints of it in Type O, here Kenny’s voice takes the lead and his vocals really shine. He utilizes both his distinctly powerful trademark yell as well as a previously unused lower-register croon at times. Drawing heavily from good old Sabbath, the tempo of the songs on “Heaven is Gone” vary, but usually settle around mid-tempo. They still manage to keep your attention though, as the riffs are distinctly full of melody and Kenny’s vocals compliment them quite well. The vibe that the band captures is comparable to Sabbath of course, but there’s also the eerie darkness of Alice in Chains and Kenny’s voice conjures up shades of Soundgarden here and there as well.

Overall, Heaven is Gone is a really solid album. There’s a definite consistency to it, but some songs fall a little short as far as excitement goes. They’ve got a perfect balance of doom, groove and melody though to be accessible to fans of many styles of rock. I think any of the shortcomings will be easily remedied as they continue to make music and find their niche. With the tragic passing of Peter Steele earlier this year, it looks like this may be everybody’s full time band now. If one good thing can come out of such a terrible situation, we may just find a legendary band in Seventh Void.

Highlights: "Heaven is Gone," "Killing You Slow" and "Last Walk in the Light"